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This site is dedicated to Trolleybuses in general, but Huddersfield Trolleybuses in particular.

The Huddersfield trolleybus system in the UK closed on 13th July 1968. All street trolleybus operation ceased in the UK when Bradford closed on the 26th March 1972. Since then, the only trolleybus operation in the UK has been in museums, such as the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft.

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Huddersfield trolleybuses 541, 631 and 619 (541 undergoing restoration) at the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft- a very fine sight they make too!
541 returned to service at Sandtoft during August 2010 after a lot of effort earlier in the year to complete ourstanding jobs on it. Some further work had to be completed to get it running again in 2013. More problems arose after this and it has been off the road again. Hopefully it can take to the wires again in 2016/17.

Huddersfield 619 is seen here passing the latest foreign acquisition on Sandtoft's 2010's Extravaganza Weekend in May. This is Edmonton 189, a GMC/BBC 'fishbowl' trolleybus imported all the way from Canada. It arrived at the Trolleybus Museum in October 2009, and it was launched into service on 17th April 2010 and has proved very popular with visitors since.

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